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November 1st

[2012] Local Photographer's Family Portrait Nears Top 5 In Pure Michigan Contest
It was a family day trip to Mackinac Island where's  own, Sarah Strickland, spotted the perfect backdrop for what would soon become a vote-leading photo in a contest hosted as part of the popular Pure Michigan travel and tourism campaign. Fans of Pure Michigan's Facebook page were encouraged to upload their "Pure Michigan Moment" for the chance to be featured in the 2013 spring/summer issue of Pure Michigan Travel Magazine. The contest ends November 9th and the competition is getting fierce.

Strickland's photo, featuring her family of five, "taking a break from walking around Mackinac Island," has been steady inside the top 10 for the past several days, at one point just a single vote away from entering the top 5. But as votes continuously come in for the hundreds of photos that were submitted, how it all ends is anybody's guess. 

The winner will be selected by Pure Michigan out of the ten photos that have garnered the most votes at the end of the contest, meaning that as long as the photo stays inside the top 10, it's got a shot of representing the Railroad City just as the summer 2013 tourism kicks into gear.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR THIS PHOTO (You may vote once per 24 hour period, per device. You must be logged into Facebook.)


Winner will be announced on November 12th.

[2017] VIDEO: Durand Police Chief Stops Trick-or-Treaters, Hands Out Candy
Durand Police Chief Jason Hartz was on the trick-or-treat beat on Halloween night, and was spotted stopping a group of treat-seekers. He wasn't handing out tickets. Instead, he was passing out candy. Check out this quick clip, plus some more pics from Halloween in Durand, including trick-or-treating at Durand Senior Care & Rehab Center and Barnyard Bash at Durand Church of the Nazarene.

November 2nd

[2013] Durand Voters Consider Changing Ordinance Publication Methods
Durand residents will vote on Tuesday, November 5 to determine if city ordinances must be published in the newspaper after they are adopted. 

The proposal, an amendment to the city’s charter, would remove the requirement of newspaper publication and allow the city the option to publish ordinances in their entirety on the city’s website or to publish a summary of ordinances longer than 500 words in a newspaper.  

“It’s a cost-saving measure,” said Durand city manager Amy Roddy. “The amount it costs to  
publish things like [ordinances] in the newspaper is continually increasing, but the city‘s charter currently requires us to publish newly adopted ordinances in that format, which has the potential of costing the city thousands of dollars over the course of a year.”

A representative of the Michigan Press Association indicated that the passage of the proposal might put the municipality in a position to obscure transparency, but city council member Brian Boggs disagrees.

“The Michigan Press Association naturally wants the city to continue to publish ordinances in the newspapers,” he said. “But they have an obvious conflict of interest. Regardless of whether the proposal passes, the city will continue to uphold the law and comply with the stipulations of the city’s charter.”

To the contrary, Boggs believes that the proposal would allow even more citizens to see the ordinances.

“The proposal would actually increase transparency. Subscriptions to print newspapers are decreasing, but nearly all residents have internet access available to them,” the councilman said. “In terms of both prevalence and popularity, the internet has certainly surpassed that of newspapers.”

The proposal will not affect the publication of city council meeting minutes, notices of public hearings for ordinances, and other notices, which will continue to be published by the city in locally circulated newspapers.

[2014] Uplift Shiawassee: New Website Has Only "Good Things" for Shiawassee County
"It's not a news site, it's a 'good things' site," Publisher, Josh Strickland, says of the brand new website,, or Uplift Shiawassee.

Strickland launched Durand Now - A News + Entertainment Site for Durand, Michigan in 2012 and launched a similar site for the City of Corunna earlier this year, but "Uplift Shiawassee won't be a destination for someone who wants the latest news in Shiawassee County," Strickland says. "This is a place for people that are tired of bad news and just want to see the positive things that are happening in our communities."

Uplift Shiawassee will publish stories from all corners of the county, and as people find the website, will rely more on "crowd sourcing" the 'good things.' The site will also rely on Durand Now, which also publishes stories from Bancroft, Byron, Lennon, Gaines and Vernon, and Corunna Now, which publishes stories from Corunna, Owosso, Perry and Morrice.

Like Durand Now and Corunna Now, Uplift Shiawassee will begin building a strong social media following across multiple platforms.

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Spread the word about the brand new Uplift Shiawassee to all your friends and neighbors throughout the county and get in the habit of looking for the good things in Shiawassee County. can help!

[2015] GALLERY: Derailment At The Depot
An early Friday morning, October 30th 2015, train derailment in Durand led to numerous overturned train cars that were carrying brand new 2016 Chevy Silverados. 14 of the 155 train cars left the tracks, WLNS-TV reports, and more than 30 pick-up trucks were towed away, deemed “totaled” after the wreck, according to a Facebook post by the towing company commissioned to clear the vehicles. Fortunately there were no injuries.

Check out our UPDATED gallery (5/30/16) of the crash and clean-up, with photos we've never posted before! If you've got photos, we'd love to include them in our gallery. Send them to!

November 5th

[2013] Voters Send Message to Management: Less Freedom, More Accountability
In a series of ballot proposals, the City of Durand seemed to seek more freedom, asking voters to give City Manager, Amy Roddy, more spending flexibility, asking residents for a tax increase, and asking voters to agree to measures that would limit the distribution outlets of new ordinance details, thereby saving the city money. Voters responded, rather clearly, seemingly asserting that the time has come for the City to meet the demand of better transparency, and that the city needs to do more with less. 
The most notable failed proposal is the city's request for a tax increase,  with nearly 80% of voters saying no. High taxes and water bills, and the ambiguous use of current tax dollars while so many city streets are in such poor condition, were the three most common themes heard from those who had indicated they would not support the measure, in pre-election surveys conducted by

Nearly 60% of voters declined to allow an increase in spending power by the City Manager. The measure had asked for an increase in the "free" spending cap, from $1,500 to $5,000. Currently, the City Manager can make a purchase of up to $1,500 in a single occurrance without seeking bids. That limit, set in 1979, will continue to be the limit as decided by voters on Tuesday.

The closest measure on the ballot dealt with the city's request to no longer be required to post ordinance language in locally-circulated newspapers, rather, posting the information on the city's official website. The proposal failed 53% to 46%; the most common observation by those indicating they would not support the measure was the large concentration of persons within the city who rely on the local newspaper for news and do not have regular access to, or know how to use, the internet.

The one proposal that voters approved restricts convicted felons from serving in an elected capacity. The measure passed 66% to 34%. The measure is similar to a state law that disallows a current elected official that is convicted of a felony to serve in a future elected position.

Further, on Tuesday voters welcomed Constance Cobley to Durand City Council, serving Precinct 1. Cobley defeated Clinton Sawyer, 62% to 37%. Sawyer publicly conceded to Cobley in a message posted to the Facebook that read, "I would like to congratulate connie cobley please do our town proud." Incumbant, Tom VanRiper, won his bid for re-election with 81% of the vote, against the City Manager's niece by marriage, Kimberly Roddy. Roddy recently announced that she would likely not be able to fulfill the residency requirements for the entire term.

Jeffrey Brands ran in the at-large position uncontested, securing 92% of the vote. A handful of write-ins were received in all races.

[2016] Celebrating the Cubs' Victory Sporting A Chicago Tribune-Style Front Page
Down early in the series, the Chicago Cubs returned to defeat the Cleveland Indians in a 10-inning World Series game 7 that spoiled with shock and surprise. The victory brought to end a 108-year World Series drought and brought grown men to tears.

We're celebrating the Chicago Cubs curse-breaking, history-making win by putting a little Chicago of our own into play.

Just for the weekend (maybe), we've got a new face, paying tribute to one of the greatest baseball games ever and one of the nation's premier newspapers, the Chicago Tribune. (Gotta admit, we do like the "Old English" font.)


November 6th

[2015] Sue Strickland Akers Buys Rancho Grande
It's a done deal! The keys to the legendary Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant in Durand have been handed over to the restaurant's new owner, Sue Strickland Akers, who plans to re-open the restaurant later this month. Akers says Rancho Grande will serve menu items crafted with the original Banales family recipes. The Banales family operated Rancho Grande for 35 years before closing earlier this year.

Announcements about opening dates and activities are forthcoming, but Akers plans to be serving before the end of the month. Rancho Grande is now hiring cooks. Interested persons should contact Sue at 906-286-0153.

Sue Strickland Akers is the aunt of the founder and publisher of Durand Now.

LIKE Rancho Grande Restaurant on Facebook

November 8th

[2016] Polls Now Open, Historic Election Underway
Polls are now open across mid-Michigan. More Americans across the country than ever before are expected to cast votes. Early voting in many places has already far eclipsed 2012 turnout, particularly voting by minorities. ABC News reports 36% more Latino early voters in Florida than in 2012.

In a race that is extremely close, the latest ABC News Tracking Poll puts Clinton ahead of Trump by four points, but considered within the margin of error.

Both candidates are vying for swing states, but both campaigns also have what Senator Tim Kaine called "checkmate" states; states that, if won, would virtually guarantee victory for that party. For Clinton, Ohio is among them, Kaine says. For Trump, Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway said Florida is one.

We'll have the latest as polls close and results become available, beginning at around 9pm Tuesday night. Check our ELECTION RESULTS page.

November 9th

[2015] Not Just A Site. A Brand.
Recently we began referring to ourselves as "Durand Now" rather than "" Last week we removed the word "site" from our logo and page titles. (We've been toying with new logo concepts that don't include ".com" but haven't committed yet.)

The use of the "dot com" designation and the word "site" since September 2012, when we launched, were very intentional and done with specific logic and reasoning in mind. But a lot has happened in the past three years.

In addition to developing our flagship property, Durand Now, in the past two years we've launched two new local news websites, launched a subscription-based weekly email news delivery, acquired an existing local news website and formed a partnership with one of the oldest media brands in Shiawassee County. All done with the aim of furthering growth of Durand Now.

Timeline of Growth
Durand Now - - September 1st 2012 - Launched

Corunna Now - - April 19th 2014 - Launched

Uplift Shiawassee - - November 1st 2014 - Launched

The Email Express - CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE - January 1st 2015 - Launched

Perry Pulse - - May 11th 2015 - Acquired

WOAP Radio 103.1 FM & 1080 AM - - October 1st 2015 - Partnership

Nearly a half million pages were viewed across our platform of local news sites between October 1st 2014 and October 1st 2015 and the majority of those page views came directly from Durand Now.

That's not all. Across four different social media sites we've culled 6,500 super loyal fans -- again, the majority of them of Durand Now.

By the way, that's FIVE TIMES as many as The North, The South and Wednesday Independent combined!

Today, people know Durand Now. It's not the new place to get local news. It's the place to get local news.

But our Statement of Purpose remains the same as the day we first published it, January 1st 2013.

Statement of Purpose
To deliver community news and information, to support and build up the community and to improve the perception of others about our community.

Durand Now - News + Entertainment for Durand, Michigan

- - -
Josh Strickland is the Founder and Publisher of Durand Now, Corunna Now/Perry Pulse and Uplift Shiawassee. He is a 1998 Durand High School graduate and multiple Michigan Association of Broadcasters award winner. He has hosted and appeared on radio and TV stations in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and North Carolina. Durand is home.

[2016] It All Comes Down to Michigan
This isn't how most people expected the election to go. While the very latest polls favored Hillary Clinton, when it counted, Donald Trump and Republican platform supporters showed up.

States like Ohio and Florida that were likely to go to Clinton instead went to Trump, and in Michigan, a traditionally blue state and another state that most expected Clinton to take easily, has been led by Trump most of the night.

Approaching 1:30am, Trump has taken 247 electoral votes and Clinton has taken 215. 270 are needed to become President.

The numbers in Michigan's race have fluctuated a bit, but Donald Trump has maintained a roughly one-point advantage over Hillary Clinton, and Michigan's 16 electoral votes are now seen as critically necessary for Clinton's narrowing path to victory.

Trump leads Wisconsin, Arizona and Pennsylvania. These states, including Michigan, remain too close or too early to call.

Republicans retain control of the House and Senate.

In Shiawassee County, with nearly all precincts reporting, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, and Republicans carried most races, with John Moolenaar leading the Congressional 4th District race, Ben Frederick leading the State Representative 85th District race and Brian BeGole leading the race for Shiawassee County Sheriff.  

The results aren't official yet, but look promising for the Republican party.

Get the latest on our ELECTION RESULTS page.

[2016] Donald Trump Elected President
Donald Trump has been declared the 45th President of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton called and conceded the election, congratulating "us," Trump told his crowd of supporters, referring to both his team and his supporters. Trump thanked Clinton in an early Wednesday morning speech.

At 3am, CNN projected 288 Electoral Votes for Trump -- 270 are needed to claim the Presidency. One of the most closely watched states was Michigan as it represented one of the only paths to a Clinton victory after several states that were expected to be blue turned red.

With 92% of votes reported, Michigan had not been officially declared a Trump state by 3am, but Trump led the tally throughout the night and is expected to retain the lead approaching 100%.

It is official, however, that Trump took Shiawassee County easily. Trump took nearly 56% of the vote in the county with Clinton taking just 37%.

Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta, spoke to Clinton supporters, urging them to go home on Tuesday night, saying "we'll have more to say tomorrow."

Get the latest information on our ELECTION RESULTS page.

November 11th

[2012] MME: Catching Up With Mr. Birch
As marching season comes to an end and the end of an era begins with the retirement of Band Director, Mr. Turner, later this year, we decided it would be a great time to catch up with longtime director and Turner's predecessor, Mr. Chuck Birch, who retired in 1996. Mr. Birch talks retirement, both his own and how he feels about Mr. Turner stepping down. A compelling Q&A with Mr. Birch starts... NOW! 

1. Formalities: How are you? How is Mrs. Birch? WHERE are you? Still in Michigan or did you move out of state? How have you been spending your retirement?
We are in Kalamazoo and not fully retired. I enjoyed selling band uniforms and accessories for 11 years after retiring and moving here in 2002.

At present we help with our two local grandchildren. [Our daughter,] Sue works very long and irregular hours so we pick up the slack with dinner and homework help, and lately, with trumpet and flute lessons.

Our other daughter, Julie, married Scott Harris from Lennon (Tuba at DAHS) and they have three children; one on French Horn, one on Cello and an 8 year old.  

Douglas and Lynn live in Howell and have an 8 and 6 year old.

2. Do you keep up with high school marching band/Durand band happenings? 
The Durand Marching Band Web Site has been a wonderful way for the students and us to keep in touch. Many of them attended our 50th Anniversary party last year.

3. Do you ever talk to Mr. Turner? Do the conversations involve band happenings or issues? 
Ed and I have a unique friendship. He was one of my students, as were his sisters. His father chaperoned band camp and Ed and his class transitioned with me from junior high to high school, so he had me as a teacher for 8 years. I was very proud when he joined me as a director at DAHS.  I am proud of the job he has done. 

4. What do you think of the Durand bands after your retirement versus while you were director?
The Band program in Durand was already strong when I came in 1964. I had spent my first year and a half after college at Fowler and was looking for a larger school district. The Concert and Marching bands in Durand were strong and I was lucky enough to be hired. I was the Junior High Director when the band won the Disney trip to the Rose Bowl in 1966. I moved to the high school in 1969. We went through many changes, the most significant and painful for the senior class, was when we went from high stepping to competitive corp style marching in 1976.

Through all the changes and challenges, the parents and administration of Durand have always been very supportive. My daughters have children in bands in Mattawan and Saline and are experiencing the time required to have successful programs. They constantly remind me of the sacrifices I asked of students and their parents.

5. Has there ever been a time since your retirement that you missed your role as director of Durand bands, or wished you were still directing?
I miss the interaction with the kids, but I have that now with my grandchildren in bands. I do miss directing the challenging pieces we played. I certainly do not miss the pressure. 

6. Have you lifted a baton since your retirement?
No. I retired because of problems with my shoulders.

7. You knew Mr. Turner's abilities upon your retirement since he had been assistant director for so long while you were director, but times have changed and there has been no assistant to Mr. Turner for nearly a decade. Now that he is planning to retire and there is no telling who will replace him, or even what the school will do with the program, how does that affect you? Are you concerned?
During my time selling band uniforms/accessories, I was able to observe many directors around the state. Living over here in WMU territory I see many potentially great directors graduating. Any of them that truly want to work hard and accept the challenge of Durand’s band history will do so, but the Birch/Turner tradition is now over and that saddens me. It is like watching your last child go off to college knowing nothing will be the same.

8. What is your hope for the band program in Durand?
Durand parents and former band students know the benefits of a great band program to the students, school and community. A look at the conversations on the Marching Band Web Site proves that. 

Ed and I had to face different challenges. I think he has done a 
great job. Times and society continue to change and you cannot compare how it was to how it will be in the future. Bands will be affected by societal changes. Who knows how the band will look with it’s next director; but I am confident that the community will not let Durand’s great band program die.  

9.What advice do you have for the band as it prepares for this time of great change?
All I can say is "give the new band director all the help you can." The goal should be to keep the program at the high level it has been for decades no matter what changes he/she may want to make. Durand did a great job of welcoming us when we came to Durand in 1964 and I'm sure they will do the same for the new director.

10. What advice do you have for Mr. and Mrs. Turner heading into retirement?
Every retiree will have a different journey. You don't necessarily slow down, but find or follow other areas you are interested in. Our retirement has been some traveling, the birthing and caring of grandchildren and the t-ball, baseball, football, and soccer games, Grandparents days at school, band and orchestra concerts, marching band competitions, band and Solo and Ensemble festivals and wonderful new family traditions created. Oh, I forgot - more doctor appointments.

Chuck Birch came to Durand in 1964. Ed Turner was with him throughout his tenure, first as a student and then as his assistant. In 1996 Birch retired and Turner took over as head director. The end of the 2013 school year will mark 48 years of Birch and Turner at the helm of the Durand bands. Turner's exit, indeed, marks the end of an era at Durand.

Many thanks to Mr. Birch for his time and candor. We would be remiss in not mentioning that Mrs. Birch worked in the high school office for years, even past Mr. Birch's retirement, and we offer our thanks to her for her help with this interview. GO BLUE!

[2014] VIDEO: Durand Now Marketing Materials 2015

November 13th

[2014] Papa Joe's Nominated for Best Onion Rings In Genesee County
It's an honor, to be sure, but it's one that had a few people confused. Last week, Papa Joe's
was announced as a Top 5 contender in WNEM-TV 5's Top 5 on 5 poll for "Best Onion Rings
in Genesee County."

Anyone that's ever had Papa Joe's onion rings knows that they are -- to put it technically -- "the
bomb diggity." The only issue is with the TV station's acknowledgement is that Papa Joe's is
located in the same place it's been since the 1970s; downtown Durand, in Shiawassee County.

In the end, the winning onion rings came from an establishment that is, in fact, located in
Genesee County. Paul's Coney Island in Burton took the top prize.

A big congratulations to Phil Dewey and the crew at Papa Joe's. The onion rings are a MUST, and they're just one item among many on Papa Joe's vast menu that includes pizza, burgers, salads and, the most recent additions, ice cream and waffles.

Papa Joe's has new, extended hours; more accommodating for the breakfast crowd looking for chicken and waffles -- an offering only available in Durand at Papa Joe's.

Dewey recently addressed concerns over a listing offering Papa Joe's for sale. Dewey said that he has no plans to leave the helm in the near future, but amidst personal family issues related to his father's health and the recent unexpected death of his brother, wanted to consider the option of finding an eventual successor; "[I wanted] to see if someone else has the same motivation as I do, and if they could run this business with the same determination in my stead in the future."

November 14th

[2013] Biggest Radio Deal of the Year: Local Stations Change Hands
Several Lansing-based radio stations are officially under new ownership this afternoon, as part of the largest radio deal of the year. Townsquare Media now counts among its stable of radio stations, 100.7 WITL (Country), 97.5 NOW FM - WJIM-FM (Top 40), 99.1 WFMK (Adult Contemporary), 94.9 WMMQ (Classic Rock), 1240 WJIM-AM (News/Talk) and The Game 730 AM - WVFN (Sports).

Townsquare already owns stations in Michigan, including the Flint stations Cars 108 - 107.9 WCRZ (Adult Contemporary), Club 93.7 - WRCL (Rhythmic), Banana 101.5 - WWBN (Rock), US 103.1 - WQUS (Classic Rock), 1530 WLCO-AM (Country) and 1470 WFNT-AM (News/Talk).

 Townsquare also already owned stations in Grand Rapids and, as part of the acquisition, today took ownership of stations in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.

That makes the total acquistion from Cumulus by Townsquare 53 radio stations in 12 markets; Battle Creek, MI; Cedar Rapids, IA; Danbury, CT; Faribault-Owatonna, MN; Kalamazoo, MI; Lansing, MI; Portland, ME; Portsmouth-Dover-Rochester, NH; Quad Cities, IA-IL; Rochester, MN; Rockford, IL; and Waterloo, IA.

Townsquare also acquired Peak Broadcasting's 11 radio stations in 2 markets (Boise, ID and Fresno, CA) for cash and equity units of Townsquare. As part of the multi-faceted transaction, Cumulus acquired stations from Townsquare that Townsquare received in the transaction with Peak in exchange for additional Cumulus stations totaling 15 radio stations in two markets (Dubuque, IA and Poughkeepsie, NY), resulting in a net increase of 71 stations.

“These transactions represent the continued evolution of Townsquare Media into one of the nation’s largest local media companies and allow us to reach a scale which opens the door to new strategic opportunities,” Townsquare Chairman/CEO Steven Price said in a press release. “The assets we are adding to our portfolio are market-leading brands with strong competitive positions in their respective small and mid-sized markets. We are excited by the opportunity to deploy our differentiated local-media strategy across a broader footprint in order to better serve our communities and our advertising clients.”

November 25th

[2014] What New Business Does Durand Need? Prospective Business Owner Asks for Input
Here's an exciting and unusual opportunity for residents to potentially have a role in bringing new business to the city.

A prospective new Durand business owner has asked to pose the question: "What new business does Durand need?"  

The prospective owner, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, told that they hope the results from a "feasability study" will help confirm their own supposition. This public inquiry is one part of that study.

So what do you think? A coffee shop or club? Would you rather see a local restaurant or perhaps your favorite chain? How about a new grocery or home goods store?

Do you pass a building every day that has long been empty and think "I know what would be great in that location...?"

Share your thoughts in the comments!

[2014] Karen Carsten Named DUSI Volunteer of the Year for 2014
Durand Union Station Inc. held their annual Volunteer Dinner November 16th and honored longtime friend of the depot Karen Carsten as the 2014 Volunteer of the Year. About 80 people were in attendance for the potluck dinner as Executive Director Mary Warner-Stone presented Carsten with the award.

"Karen's years of dedication to this organization not only as a former Director as well as a former Board Member is why she was chosen as this year's Volunteer of the Year. The travel committee was her idea and she has put in thousands of hours in making it one of our more successful fund raisers," said Stone. "She puts in hundreds of hours every year to help ensure the success of this organization."

Members of the Carsten family were on hand to witness the award and presented her with flowers to honor her as well.

"It was a complete surprise to me. I should have been tipped off when my oldest daughter was there," laughed Carsten. "Seriously though, the best part of volunteering at the depot is the wonderful people I get to work with. It really is a great group."

Food was in abundance as the volunteers who devote so many hours of their time all came together to recognize one another's acheivements. Among them is another successful Farmer's Market season, Railroad Days activities, Model A car show, Christmas decorating, weekly Euchre tournaments, and the refinishing of the steps in the building.

Director Warner-Stone hopes this will be a springboard to take the organization to greater heights in the coming year.

"We have even more planned for the future; there will be additional emphasis on the museum and the archives in 2015. We have already collected money to upgrade two museum cases, and have more ideas coming together to take the museum to the next level. The archives are coming along nicely too, and we want to make sure to continue with that momentum," she said.

November 26th

[2015] Preview the New Perry Pulse Website
Ramblers worldwide will soon have a news outlet dedicated to their home once again. was acquired by Durand Now LLC in May of 2015 after being returned to the Domain Registry. The website had previously served the Perry, Michigan community as a local news website, complimented by a presence on Facebook and Twitter. The associated Twitter account sent its last tweet in 2013. The original Facebook page continues to promote the occasional local happening but focuses primarily on the initiative to build what organizers call "Perry Dream Park."

So, in conjunction with the launch of the new Perry Pulse - News + Entertainment for Perry, Michigan, new social media sites are being rolled out as well.

LIKE the new Perry Pulse Facebook by clicking here

FOLLOW the new Perry Pulse Twitter by clicking here

The May acquisition of came on the heels of The Perry Independent newspaper consolidating with The Durand Independent to become The South Independent, leaving the City of Perry without a media identity to call its own.

For the past six months, simply redirected visitors to, but early on Thanksgiving Day, the Perry Pulse page began displaying the message, "Get Ready Ramblers" and the date "12/1."

Links to the new Perry Pulse Facebook and Twitter pages as well as a subscribe button for The Email Express, a direct-to-inbox free weekly newspaper, also appear.

The page proclaims "Serving Perry, Morrice, Shaftsburg and Laingsburg," which is similar to designations made on and recently.

The header of Corunna Now reads "Serving Corunna, Vernon, Ovid and Owosso!" The header of Durand Now reads "Serving Durand, Bancroft, Lennon, Vernon, Byron, Gaines, Swartz Creek and Railfans everywhere!"

Across the three platforms, all areas of Shiawassee County are represented. Durand Now LLC has also published Uplift Shiawassee ( since November 2014, and in October 2015 created at partnership with, directing visitors of that site to Durand Now LLC sites.

The new Perry Pulse Facebook cover photo offers a preview of the new site, which will carry a very similar look and function to both and

Want to send news to the new Perry Pulse? Email! Want to advertise? You can get started for just $20 for a full month! Call Josh at (989) 627-3753 for more information!

[2015] Lansing Radio DJ Wears Railroaders Shirt, Talks Men's Health on Morning TV Segment
Durand graduate and WJIM-FM "97.5 NOW FM" Lansing morning radio personality, Josh Strickland, has spent November helping bring to light the issue of Men's Health and how important it is for men to "buck up" and get to the doctor before a health crisis arises.

With the help of the men and women at WLNS-TV 6 News in Lansing, real life stories have been shared and -- hopefully -- made an impact on viewers and listeners.

On Wednesday November 25th, 6 News Reporter Mariah Harrison joined Strickland live in the radio studio for a shared radio and TV broadcast where Strickland discussed the major event that prompted his trip to the doctor, the diagnosis he received and his message to men everywhere.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch here now!

Josh Strickland is also the founder and publisher of Durand Now.

November 27th

[2015] Report: 300 Gallons of Oil Spilled In County Drain, None Reached Shiawassee River
Authorities believe that while a suspected oil spill in Owosso Township is much larger than originally realized, none of the discharged product has reached the Shiawassee River. MLive says an estimated 300 gallons of a petroleum product discovered and reported by a hunter was found stretched over three miles of a county drain that indirectly dumps into the Shiawassee River.  

Susan Doty, a Michigan DEQ Environmental Quality Analyst, says had the hunter waited or failed to report the discovery, it would most likely have ended up in the river in short order. Doty says the active spill is believed to have stopped though the source remains unknown. The U.S. EPA has taken over the investigation, according to the report.

November 29th

[2016] Chamber 'Networking@Noon' Event At Depot Sees Largest-Ever Crowd
Business and community leaders from throughout Shiawassee County met for the Shiawassee Chamber of Commerce monthly Networking@Noon event on Tuesday. This month's event, held in conjunction with The Greater Durand Area Chamber of Commerce at the historic Durand Union Station and Michigan Railroad History Museum, drew the largest Networking@Noon crowd ever, emcee David Hood of Wells Fargo Advisors in Owosso announced as things got underway on Tuesday.

Also speaking at the event as part of a guest panel was Deb Doyle, Mayor of Durand, James Huguelet, Mayor of Perry, Joe Sawyer, Corunna City Manager, Randy Woodworth of Woodworth Commercial and Jeff Deason, President of the Shiawassee Chamber of Commerce.

Panel members shared success stories from their respective communities as well as excitement over upcoming happenings. Doyle noted the recent voter-approved road millage that, she said, should repair all streets in the city not fixed as part of the recent $10 million major infrastructure project. That project, she said, is nearly completed. She also mentioned the planned Diamond District Park and National Railroad Memorial and said that the city is "in negotiations" with a candidate for the open City Manager position.

Members of Durand's Rotary Club that meets at the depot on Tuesdays were present. Member Tim Shaw honored Rotary President-Elect George Polen as he shared the award bestowed upon the organization for their entry in last week's Santa's Light Parade.

Yvonne Ryan, President of The Greater Durand Area Chamber of Commerce, won the afternoon's 50/50 raffle. Union Station Smokehouse catered.

The ballroom is lined with Christmas trees decorated by area organizations and individuals, which made for a fantastic, festive backdrop for the event. Check out some pics from Networking@Noon at Durand Union Station.

There will be no Networking@Noon event in December.

November 30th

[2012] VIDEO: 'YO-YO' Premieres On
The movie 'YO-YO,' much of which was filmed in Durand, follows a police officer from a big city as he and his wife move to a small town. While the couple struggles with the change of pace, the officer encounters a child while on patrol one day with whom he develops a bond. Later in the short film, directed by Andrew Bisaha, the child is hit by a vehicle and the officer is faced with the challenge of saving the boy's life. is proud to present the premiere of 'YO-YO.'

Grab some popcorn and press play.