All Aboard GTW 5632, Pullman Baggage Car
Posted by Durand Now at 10:47pm 4/19/16
The National Railroad Memorial, Inc., (NRMI)  will be hosting free events to highlight Durand’s rail history in Iron Horse Park during the 2016 Durand Railroad Days Celebration.  The fun sponsored by NRMI begins during the Durand Railroad Days ArtWalk downtown Durand, Friday, May 13, 2016, including a Historic Durand Walking Tour.  Artists to be named will remain with NRMI for the rest of the weekend exhibiting their art in the Pullman Baggage Car.

Please visit NRMI in Iron Horse Park on Saturday, May 14th from 11:00am to 5:00 pm and Sunday May 15th from 11:00pm to 5:00 pm for lots of other fun and rail related exhibits.  The 5632 GTW Steam locomotive will be open for tours and of course to allow you to sit in the engineer’s seat.  The Baggage Car will be open for a walk through with surprises and art exhibits.  The gate tower currently undergoing renovations will also be open with an exhibit of railroad crossing safety and the history of Michigan Operation Lifesaver.  NRMI will honor the memory of our railroad family who lost their lives in the performance of their jobs connected to the Knight Templar wreck and a special story about the gate tower.  NRMI will also be telling the stories of the men and women of the rail industry, focusing on local stories sponsored by NRMI’s The Wyllie Project.  There will be plenty of other fun and surprises in Iron Horse Park so don’t miss out.

Returning this year to Iron Horse Park will be what we call the “NRMI Express” and new this year is the NRMI, Choo Choo Train.  The Choo Choo Train is a free playspace part bouncy house and slide for kids under eight years old.  The Choo Choo Train will grace Iron Horse Park on Saturday. The NRMI Express is a Trackless Train will also be leaving from Iron Horse Park on Sunday for your riding enjoyment.  Kids of all ages are invited to ride the NRMI Express FOR FREE.  So All Aboard in Iron Horse Park! 

All events in Iron Horse Park are sponsored by NRMI, and open to the public at no charge.  As we did the last two years, we will accept donations of your change gratefully designated for Iron Horse Park.  All donations will be used to continue the work to renovate, restore and preserve the railroad heritage treasures center stage in Iron Horse Park including the 5632 GTW steam locomotive, the 1919 Pullman baggage car purchased from Grand Trunk Western, and Durand’s own 1912 GTW Gate Tower.

The National Railroad Memorial, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation organized as a 501 (C) (3).  Our mission is to honor the men and women of the railroad industry by educating the public as to the importance of their roles in our nation’s past, present, and future.  NRMI is partnering with the City of Durand to honor these individuals by building the National Railroad Memorial as the center piece of Diamond District Park, downtown Durand.

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