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It was 1901, 14 years after what is now known as the City of Durand was established, when the Durand Fire Department was first organized. 7 men, under the leadership of Durand's first fire Chief, W.R. Hopkins, were Durand's first firefighters.
One of the original firefighters would later become the Department's third Chief. Today, Richard Rinker serves as Durand's 11th Fire Chief. He's been with the department since 1979.

Today there are 16 firefighters under the leadeship of Chief Rinker. They are listed below along with their rank and date of hire. If you see them on the street, give them a high-five and thank them for their service!

Chief Richard R. Rinker
Since 12/1/79

Assistant Chief Steven D. Mince
Since 10/1/95

Captain Nick D. Spaniola
Since 7/1/97

Captain Nathan D. Watson
Since 10/1/04

Lieutenant Clinton F. Sawyer
Since 2/1/11

Lieutenant Garrett A. Fairchild
Since 5/1/14

Sergeant Mario J. Savino
Since 4/1/12

Sergeant Courtney R. Custer
Since 4/1/13

Safety Officer Charles W. Olund
Since 9/1/94

Engineer Jason A. Nemitz
Since 9/1/95

Firefighter Justin J. Demo
Since 7/1/14

Firefighter Steven A. Rinz
Since 10/1/14

Firefighter Joshua J. Roddy
Since 3/1/16

Firefighter David Ballard III
Since 3/1/16

Firefighter Monica L. Bailey
Since 3/1/16

Probationary Firefighter Devin J. Cheff
Since 12/1/16

Probationary Firefighter Josiah A. F. Watson
Since 4/1/17




GALLERY: Durand Fire Apparatus