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Durand Police Chief Jason Hartz joined the department in 1996 and has been Chief since 2013. Today, there are 8 officers under his leadership. They are listed below along with their rank and date of hire.


Chief Hartz alongside cruiser 61 at Autumn Fest 2013/Durand Now photo

Chief Jason Hartz 
Since 8/27/96

Lieutenant Clayton Pletscher 
Since 11/4/91

Sergeant Luke Rogers
Since 11/10/14

Officer Kurt Moffit
Since 1/1/16

Officer Ryan Gnotek
Since 9/1/16

Officer Michael Shenk
Since 6/9/16

Office Nathan Kirby
Since 6/16/16

Officer Ryan Gracz
Since 3/13/17

Officer Joseph Orr
Since 7/1/17

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Also serving the Durand area is the Shiawassee County Sheriff's Department, led by Sheriff Brian BeGole, and the Michigan State Police.  See our gallery of county and state cruisers below.

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