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MR. BIRCH, Director from 1964 to 1996

"The Band program in Durand was already strong when I came in 1964," Mr. Birch told Durand Now in 2012. "I had spent my first year and a half after college at Fowler and was looking for a larger school district. The Concert and Marching bands in Durand were strong and I was lucky enough to be hired. I was the Junior High Director when the band won the Disney trip to the Rose Bowl in 1966. I moved to the high school in 1969. We went through many changes, the most significant and painful for the senior class, was when we went from high stepping to competitive corp style marching in 1976."

MR. TURNER, Director from 1984 to 2013

"Durand has had many strong people working with the band since the 1950s," Mr. Turner told Durand Now in 2013. "There are countless graduates and support people that have given great instruction to students over the years. Yes, they may have worked for Chuck or myself, but the solid base was always here."

MR. ANDERSON, Director from 2013 to 2017

"I am looking forward to continuing the tradition of outstanding bands and fantastic performances that was established by Mr. Turner," Mr. Anderson told Durand Now in 2013.

MR. REMESZ, Director from 2017 to NOW

"The Durand Band Program has a very long tradition in this community, and that will absolutely shape its future," Mr. Remesz told Durand Now in 2017. "They have been members of the competitive band scene since the founding of the organization (MCBA) in 1974. They have a long standing tradition of doing very well in this organization, and I know a lot of people are hoping to work our way back up to the top of their flight again. That is definitely one of my long term goals, to take them back into the top and stay there as long as we can."