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A collection of key stories by Durand Now and local events from throughout our history beginning September 1st 2012.

February 28th:

February 27th:

February 26th:

February 25th:

February 23rd:

February 22nd:

February 19th:

February 18th:

February 17th:

February 16th:

February 11th:

February 8th:

February 7th:

February 5th:

February 1st:

January 31st:

January 30th:

January 27th:

January 26th:

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January 24th:

January 23rd:

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January 13th:

January 12th:

January 10th:

January 9th:

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January 7th:

January 6th:

January 5th:

January 3rd:

January 1st:
Durand Now's Statement of Purpose was first posted on January 1st 2013. The article was updated with new information about the growth of the company in 2015, but the Statement did not change. The Statement of Purpose remains the same today: "To deliver community news and information, to support and build up the community and to improve the perception of others about our community."

December 31st:

December 29th:

December 27th:

December 26th:

December 25th:

December 24th:

December 23rd:

December 22nd:

December 20th:

December 18th:

December 15th:

December 14th:

December 13th:

December 11th:

December 10th:

December 7th:

December 5th:

December 4th:

December 3rd:

December 2nd:

November 30th:

November 29th:

November 27th:

November 26th:

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November 14th:

November 13th:

November 12th:

November 9th:

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November 6th:

November 5th:

November 2nd:

November 1st:

October 30th:

October 29th:

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October 10th:

October 9th:

October 8th:

October 7th:

October 6th:

October 4th:

October 3rd:

October 1st:

September 30th:

September 27th:

September 25th:

September 23rd:

September 22nd:

September 20th:

September 19th:

September 12th:

September 11th:

September 9th:

September 8th:

September 6th:

September 5th:

The first-ever Durand High School sports story posted following the launch of At this time, sports stories were posted as entries in a feed, not as individual pages.

September 4th:

September 2nd:
The first-ever story posted following the launch of was a story about Durand's End of Summer Cruisin' car show.

September 1st:
The story that appeared on the front page of upon its launch was a story about Durand's End of Summer Cruisin' car show. The show had since wrapped and the front page was updated shortly after.

[2012] - A News + Entertainment Site for Durand, Michigan launches
Durand Now goes live at 11:33pm on Saturday September 1st 2012. There is no known archive of the first-ever front page of Durand Now, but an archive of the February 22nd 2013 front page contains the original Durand Now front page design. It can be viewed here.

August 28th: